Using Liquid Soil Increased My Cotton Yield

B.B., Lakeview, Texas

"I created a test on a dry land cotton field divided by a highway and planted [both sides] at the same time. On the 79 acres on the east side, I used 32 units of nitrogen only, and west of the highway on 84 acres I applied 15 units of nitrogen and 1.5 gallons of Liquid Soil (per acre). I've always been able to grow cotton, but it only grew shin-high."

"The results of the comparison were impressive to me! The 'Nitrogen Only'-treated acreage was about knee-high and yield 0.75 bales per acre (below, left) while the field treated with nitrogen and Liquid Soil produced cotton that was waist- to chest-high and yielded 2.0 bales per acre (below, right)! I will put Liquid Soil on every acre I own next year!"

Cotton with Nitrogen Only

Nitrogen Only

Cotton with Nitrogen and Liquid Soil

Nitrogen + Liquid Soil

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