The Drain Stink Is Gone

Store Director, Wichita Falls, TX

A long-time customer recently purchased a competitor's store in North Texas. The customer began the process of converting the store to their brand and invited us to install our chemical system in the various departments. When our technician entered the store to begin the installation, the smell nearly knocked him down. A strong sewer gas odor wafted through the departments and down the nearly-empty aisles. Employees went about their business with noses up-turned, wincing as they worked.

When asked about the smell, a department manager explained, "Yeah, it's been that way for awhile now. The drains back up every night, and we spend the mornings trying to mop up the mess, even in the middle of the store." Quickly drawing the conclusion that the smell was being caused by a back-up in the store's drain lines, the technician made it his top priority to install our Trap Tender system.

The Trap Tender is a specially-designed device that delivers a measured dose of grease-eating micro-organisms into the drain system each night. The technician installed and tested Trap Tenders in both the meat market and deli, dispensing about half an ounce of Biozyme Grease Trap and Drain Treatment into each department's drain. He then went about installing our other dispensing equipment around the store.

Upon returning to the store the following morning, he immediately noticed two things: (a) the absence of a strong odor and (b) a very, very happy store director. "What in the world did you do to our drains?" he asked. Not only was the smell gone, but the drains had not backed up during the night.

Needless to say, they have been faithful users of Biozyme ever since.


Biozyme Drain Treatment Eats the Grease


Dispense Grease-Eating Foam Every Night

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