Delite Pot & Pan Detergent

Pot and pan detergent commonly used in 3-bin sink.

DELITE is a mild, yet high sudsing pot & pan/manual dishwashing detergent in solid form for easier storage. DELITE is dispensed through a unique dispenser to eliminate overuse. Excellent performance in all water conditions.

  • Convenient And Effective Manual Warewashing Detergent
  • Specially Formulated To Remove Greasy Soils On Contact
  • High Sudsing, Mild To Hands
  • Unique Dispensing System Eliminates Over Use
  • Store In 1/4 The Space Of Liquid Detergents
  • One Capsule Yields Approximately 1,800 Gallons Use Solution

R2U6000 Ready-To-Use Dispensing System
P4C4000 P4C


Spec Sheet (PDF)


1-4 lb/case

Type: Dispensing

For use in the following:

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