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One of the sad facts of my adult life is that Mom isn't around to do my laundry. Laundry is not one of my favorite things to do. As I explained to my teenager the other day, the desire to wear clean laundry must be matched with a willingness to do the cleaning. (I could tell that the wheels in his head were turning as he spied the pile of gym clothes that had just been worn for the second day.)

Over the years of doing laundry, I have encountered a regular frustration with athletic socks. You can wash them and make them "clean," but they still get that dull, dingy look (especially during football season in West Texas). If you wash with bleach, you can get them white. But does a white appearance mean that they are any cleaner?

Let's face it: When you go to buy new athletic socks, you aren't going to buy a pair that look like they've run through West Texas mud. If it's not bright, no one will believe that it's clean.

Cutting boards are the same way.

No matter how diligently you scrape them, scrub them, rinse them and sanitize them, customers will assume they are dirty if they display any shade of gray or yellow. The last thing you want is for your cutting surfaces to attract that kind of customer -- or inspector -- attention.

CBW Cutting Board Whitener is specially designed to restore cutting surfaces to "like new" condition. Its special formula helps remove staining that can occur during the course of daily use. Liquid bleach can pool in on the board or evaporate after application, creating a mottled appearance. CBW's formulation delivers a powerful gel that remains in place, whitening right where it's needed.


Next time you're working on your boards, draw a picture on one with CBW. Let it sit awhile, then rinse and send us a picture of your masterpiece. We'll post the best pics on your web page.


CBW for Whiter & Brighter Cutting Boards

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