The Triple Play


One of the rarest occurrences in baseball, there have been only 691 triple plays recorded in Major League Baseball since 1876. In that time span, there have been over 390,000 major league games. That works out to one triple play every 564 games.

Once every 5,000 innings.

Once every 50,000 pitches.

Triple plays are rare because the circumstances needed to pull them off don't happen very often. You must have two runners already on base, no outs and a batted ball that can be cleanly fielded. The fielders must respond in perfect harmony with flawless, split-second reactions.

Some people treat cleaning this way:

- If someone has already scraped the pots and pans.

- If the water is warm.

- If the suds are high enough.

- If the moon is in the right phase.

MLB teams train extensively to pull off the rare triple play with precision. The key to success is creating the environment for the play.


Clean stores sell more. It's been proven time and again through both research and experience. When your team is in the habit of regular and effective cleaning, the customer experience wil improve -- and sales will lift accordingly.

Here are some ideas for creating an environment for success:

1.) Repetition-Repetition-Reptition. Cleaning is just another part of life, not a freakish event that occurs once in a blue moon. Starting from the moment a new employee is hired, get them in the habit of "thinking clean."

2.) Create incentives for cleaning. Consider doing a spot-check on sanitizer levels in a department's sink. If the sanitizer is in the appropriate range, award the workers in that department with something special.

3.) Take advantage of training. Our Service Technicians visit your stores several times each year to check equipment and make minor repairs. Gather your teams together and ask our Techs to walk them through the most effective use of our products and dispensers.

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