Supporting Our Local Schools

Give Where You Live

At ProfitMax Chemical, we value involvement in our community. Our headquarters in Buffalo Gap, Texas is a bit off the beaten path. A bedroom and tourist community with a population topping 700, Buffalo Gap is positioned south of the more metropolitan Abilene, Texas (though some may not consider a city of 120,000 to be “metropolitan”). The Jim Ned Consolidated Independent School District (JNCISD) draws from Buffalo Gap and two other rural towns in the southern part of the county. With very few businesses located in the school district, it is important that we be involved in the support of our children’s educational experience.

JNCISD is blessed to have an attentive board and administration who have managed district resources well. Nevertheless, it is still difficult for a district to function only on taxpayer funding. Schools across the country are becoming increasingly reliant on additional forms of support from their communities. We consider it a great honor to partner with the district. ProfitMax invests in our local schools in several ways -- through donations of products that are essential for the operation of the district, our consulting services and our volunteerism.

As with many rural school districts, student participation in extra-curricular activities is significantly higher than urban schools. Translation: Lots of laundry. A robust and growing athletic department moves lots of cotton through its laundry machines each day. We help to support these programs through the donation of products that preserve the quality of the uniforms and practice wear while thoroughly removing even the toughest soils that West Texas athletic fields can deal out. This keeps our teams looking sharp on the field and saves the school money each year on replacement attire.

Being in a small district, the expertise needed to properly deal with sanitation issues, facility maintenance, horticulture issues, etc. can be difficult to come by. Our ability to offer professional consultation in the areas in which we operate is of great value to district officials. Not only does the district benefit from the products offered by ProfitMax, but they also benefit from the expertise and latest technologies of the industries we represent. Working hand in hand, we help identify ways to reduce costs, increase the efficiency of current resources and improve the learning environment.

In addition to product donation and consulting services, we also encourage our staff to participate in supporting the mission of the school. Time spent working with the district is considered working time for which our employees are fully compensated. Members of our team spend time reading to children who come from homes where there is not a lot of parental support. They also serve as support to teachers by grading papers and other tasks that are huge time consumers for educators.

One of our ProfitMax team members was recently elected to the Jim Ned CISD school board. This involvement consumes a great deal of time. With a heart to raise the next generation of citizens into healthy, responsible adults, it fits our corporate culture that one of our key personnel would be interested and involved in the ongoing operation of our local school district. We are happy to support this, as we believe that it is a great investment in the community that our business calls home.

At ProfitMax Chemical, we believe that education is a key factor to obtaining the freedoms that are the inalienable rights of men and women worldwide. We take pride in being a part of the educational process in this small but excellent school district, and we look forward to how our relationship with our district will mature and grow in the future.

How can we help your school? Give us a call, and we'll show you how we can help you....

  • Increase student attendance rates by improving environmental health
  • Reduce costs associated with athletic laundry operations
  • Enhance the fuel efficiency of buses and other machinery
  • Improve the health and appearance of school grounds and athletic fields


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