Save the People

"I admire your determination to save the planet...despite your inability to save a houseplant."

-- Author unknown

Save the planet.

Save the whales.

Save the rainforest.

Save the...employees?

Saving stuff is a big deal these days. For some, "Go Green" is a marketing gimmick. For others, it's a way of life. But whether you're a member of Green Peace or someone who believes that bald eagles taste like chicken, I think we can agree that it's good to keep your workers safe.

And if, in the process of saving the workforce, you manage to avoid hurting plants, trees and animals, then you've done something that makes both the red states and the blue states happy.

SOLID GREEN 14 All-Purpose Degreaser has been recognized by the EPA's Designed for Environment program as a step forward to improving the safety and environmental impact of cleaning products. SG-14 is a potent degreaser for everyday use. Whether you're using it in a foamer or trigger bottle, scrubbing cutting boards or mopping the floors, its powerful ingredients lift soils from all kinds of hard surfaces. It rinses away cleanly to leave a shining finish.

SG-14 probably won't stop an alien invasion. And despite popular belief, it did not single-handedly end the Cold War (that was actually it's cousin SG-24; more on that another time). What SG-14 will do, however, is power away the grease, grime and gunk that builds up in your meat room, bakery, and deli. And it will clean it without any hazard to your workers, your equipment or the environment.

It's completely non-corrosive,



And safe for all of your workers to use.

If you gotta' clean, you may as well stay safe while you're cleaning.


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