Pennies vs Dollars


One of our Service Technicians recently did an inspection in a multi-department supermarket. Stopping first in the meat room, he examined the trigger bottles on the shelf. All were properly labeled, but someone had written on each bottle in large black letters, "8 CENTS PER BOTTLE." Moving to the bakery area, he discovered more bottles: "4 CENTS PER BOTTLE." He found the same thing in the deli and mop closets.

Completing his inspection, he stopped in the business office to get the store manager's signature on the inspection form. "Tell me about the trigger bottles," he said. "What's the story there?" The manager smiled. "That," he explained, "saves us hundreds of dollars every month. It reminds our employees to use those bottles instead of something from the Household Cleaner aisle. We can fill your bottle 30 times for the cost of one off the shelf."


Case costs of commercial products are always going to appear higher than a single bottle off the shelf (or a four-pack from the local discount club). Shift the conversation to the cost of usable solution, though, and you get different results. Cost per bottle of your Sunburst products look something like this:

BIO CLEAN DISINFECTANT - 7 cents per 32 oz trigger bottle (vs. $3 for leading brand name)

SG-78 GLASS & HARD SURFACE - 6 cents per bottle (vs. $3 for leading brand name)

SCORE ALL-PURPOSE DEGREASER - 5 cents per bottle (vs. $3.50 for leading brand name)

Multiply that out over the course of a year, and the savings start to become almost unbelievable. The household cleaner aisle prices may look good. But probably not this good.


Spend pennies per use, save dollars per month

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