Cast a Vote for Quality, Outreach

A decade ago, our friend Geno Stille found a way to combine his love for growing with a desire to employ neglected members of his community: organic micro-greens. These leafy greens are crisper and tastier than large-leaf vegetables. Chefs use them as the finishing touches to their best dishes and as toppings for salads. It is a business that depends greatly on the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Geno has used his business to reach out to job seekers often overlooked by society. Teens struggling with substance-abuse and similar life-controlling challenges, ex-cons and others looking for a second chance are his workers of choice. Through his company, Genes Greens, he offers them a way out, a path away from the forgotten fringes of society and into a place where they can contribute to the welfare of the community. There is something transformational about growing a thing, nurturing it from seedling to plant, seeing it go from the dirt to the tabletop. Once that feeling of pride takes root, it can change a person from the inside out.

Genes Greens is participating in Chase Bank's Mission Maint Street Grants program. Geno is in pursuit of a grant that will allow him to expand his facilities, double his workforce and more than double production to meet the rising demand for his high-quality, organic micro greens. To make it to the next round of selections, Geno needs our votes. Visit the Mission Main Street Grants website at Search for Genes Greens in Colleyville, Texas, then log on to FaceBook to cast your vote.

We love to support businesses like Genes Greens who pursue quality and excellence while reaching out a hand to others. Please join us in lifting Geno and his business into the next round of the grant program and the next season of excellence in his business.


The quality of Geno's micro greens has been noted in regional media.

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