Mind the Little Things

For want of a nail the shoe was lost;

For want of a shoe the horse was lost;
For want of a horse the battle was lost;
For the failure of battle the kingdom was lost—

All for the want of a horse-shoe nail.

This little verse has been around for over 500 years. It's been referenced by historic icons like William Shakespeare, Ben Franklin and Star Trek. There are many variations, but the point is the same: Small things make a big difference.


When it comes to cleaning, it's the little things that maximize your employee's efforts, the appearance of your store, and ultimately your profitability.

- Cleaning your sanitizer sink daily to prevent false readings.

- Using a clean mop head on your floors.

- Replacing scrubbing pads and brushes regularly in your departments.

- Keeping extra trigger bottles of cleaner at the checkout stand.

- Allowing cleaning solutions to sit on the surface a few extra moments ("dwell time").

Little things. Ignored by many, but no less important than the proverbial horseshoe nail.


When was the last time you looked into a new broom or mop bucket? How many times have you re-used those same three trigger bottles in the mop closet? What impression would it give your customers to find an extra hand sanitizer station near the shopping carts or checkout stand? As you mind the little things, you may find the nail that keeps the shoe on the horse.

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