It IS Rocket Science


Ordained as a priest in 1769 at the age of 23, young Giovanni Battista Venturi would use his awe of the divine to pursue scientific knowledge in the areas of mathematics, engineering and physics. Though Italian by birth, it was his time in France that spurred on his greatest discoveries. The Emperor Napoleon himself would ultimately become the greatest benefactor of this priest-turned-scientist/engineer.

Why do we care?

Oh, there's this little thing called modern aviation that owes its success to our friend Venturi. And fire extinguishers. And scuba masks. Medical oxygen masks. Carburetors. Trombones.

And the Master Blaster cleaning system for meat rooms and industrial facilities.


The Venturi Effect, the change of fluid speed and pressure as it moves through tubes of different size, is the governing force behind the operation of the Master Blaster. Gino's discovery is what propels degreaser and sanitizer through the big red hose and onto floors, equipment and cutting surfaces. It's also the reason why such a big, red hose is needed -- the water and chemical moving through there are creating more than 200 pounds of pressure per square inch.

That's more pressure than an air brake on a freight train.

[Warning: Do not attempt to use the Master Blaster to stop a freight train. It won't.]

On the outside, it looks like a simple, silver box hanging on the wall. Inside, there are deep principles of physics at work. The same science that helps deep sea explorers probe the marvels of the ocean, keeps airplanes soaring through the sky and propels rockets into space can help your team keep your department clean.


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