Glass Houses & Hard Water

Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody. -- Mark Twain

Water is an essential element in the cleaning you do around the store. Hard water conditions, the types of surfaces being cleaned and the frequency of cleaning are all factors to consider. This is especially important when it comes to getting a streak-free shine on glass surfaces.

* In soft water conditions, Window Cleaner Concentrate is a solid performer and presents a good economical decision to the user -- only about 35 cents per trigger bottle instead of the $4 you'd pay for the brand name in the cleaning aisle. SG-78 Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner is great when you're using solids on your mop area dispenser. One capsule of this environmentally-friendly cleaner can generate enough solution that it costs only about 6 cents per trigger bottle.

* If you're using hard water to dilute a concentrate, though, you may be disappointed by what happens when the solution dries. Better to go with a ready-to-use solution like Marvel Ready-to-Use Glass Cleaner.


Most glass cleaners contain ammonia. This is great when cleaning windows, countertops and registers. Some plastic display cases, however, react poorly to this chemical. Pitting, scarring and a foggy appearance can be the result of cleaning with an ammoniated product.

The higher the price tag on the display case, the more likely it is to be damaged by an ammoniated cleaner. A brief conversation with your workers about the proper use for the product can save a lot of trouble -- and money.


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