Fly Be Gone


Ah, the sounds of summer. The splashing in the pool. The clinking of ice in a glass. The sizzle of the grill. And the buzz of those pesky little six-legged nightmares that show up every time you even think about going outside, land on your food, make welts on your legs and generally drop your enjoyment of outdoor activities by at least 2%.

As a child, I would relish the sight of the city maintenance truck dragging its trailer past our little league field, a menacing cloud of fog spelling certain doom for any buzzing nuisances in the vicinity. True, it made it hard to see in the outfield for a few minutes. But that was preferrable to using both cap and glove to swat at the flies, mosquitos and whatever else was hovering nearby.

Insect control in a supermarket or restaurant often needs to be a bit more subtle. While it can be tempting to unleash the bug bomb on your dock or dumpster in the heat of the day, cooler minds usually prevail, protecting both customers and employees. Because of the threat to food safety that they pose -- not to mention the unpleasant experience they create for customers -- something needs to be done to remove the flies and all the other pesky buzzers.


No, seriously -- cleaning helps. In fact, it's your best weapon against pests. Regular cleaning of your shop (and your dock) cuts down on the grease and grime that attract the flies and their friends. This also makes your store less attractive as a larvae nursery. If you get rid of the gunk, there's nowhere to lay eggs.

Products like Bio Clean disinfectant and Biozyme Drain Maintenance can clean up your dock and other non-food-prep areas in the store, reducing the likelihood that insects will take up residence there. Keeping Biozyme running through your drain system will also help reduce the insect population, keeping at bay the gunk that they like to eat and nest in. We have even had store managers tell us that flies won't land on a surface after it's treated with Sentry quaternary sanitizer.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." The best way to keep the bugs away is to get rid of the stuff they're attracted to. Remove the garbage, gunk and grime that feeds them, and they'll find someone else to bug.

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