Environmentally-Friendly Rust Prevention

We are constantly amazed at the caustic, corrosive and otherwise hazardous nature of the chemcials we encounter on industrial sites. At ProfitMax Chemical, we search for alternative solutions that protect equipment, protect facilities, protect the environment -- and protect the people using them.

Consider CorrosionX, one of the most incredible rust-preventing products on the market today.

The volatile organic content (usually abbreviated as VOC or VOCs) of CorrosionX is only 4-7%. That's less than 1/10th what is in our competitors products (for example, WD-40 is 76% solvent). That means CorrosionX is many times more gentle on you, your equipment and the environment. In addition, CorrosionX is nontoxic, non-carcinogenic, and it's nonflammable when not in aerosol form (our environmentally-friendly propellant is flammable however).

It's a product ready-made for today's socially-conscious consumer.

And anyone else who doesn't want rusty equipment.


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