Cleanliness, Godliness & Customer Opinions

Is cleanliness really next to godliness?

While the phrase has suspected origins dating back over 1,500 years, revivalist John Wesley is credited with making it part of American culture in the late 18th century. Your customers may not equate your cleaning efforts to a pitch for canonization. But their perception of your store's cleanliness will impact how often they visit -- and how long they stay.

Says Randy Wahl, Senior VP of M/A/R/C Research:

[Cleanliness] impacts consumers’ willingness to shop at a given retailer and also influences frequency of shopping and the length of time consumers are willing to shop. All of this has a direct impact on the amount of spending a retailer can capture.

While the tendency is to focus on the potential loss of a customer, an equally important concern is the broader impact that cleanliness and other aspects of the overall consumer experience have on frequency of shopping and the amount of time or scope of their shopping.

Here's the gist of it:

- When a place of business is clean, customers will spend more time there.

- Where customers spend more time, customers spend more money.

- Cleaning your business is a great way to boost sales.

Research shows, more clean = more green.


Sunburst Chemicals offers you a number of user-friendly, cost-effective products that can help create the kind of clean that customers like. Bio Clean (60041) is a multi-purpose detergent / deodorant / disinfectant. Great for restrooms, you can also use it on hard surfaces throughout the store to clean and disinfect.

SG 78 Glass & Neutral Cleaner (60043) won't streak your windows or leave film on glass and display cases. As a neutral cleaner, it is ideal for waxed floors and hard surfaces like your check stands. It works great in your floor-scrubbing machines as well.

Let us help you craft the environment that customers love to visit over and over. See what the Sunburst "culture of clean" can do for your store's results.

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