Bad Smell = Bad Customer Review

"The sense of smell is, by far, the most powerful of our senses....It's the direct extension of the brain. Its direct contact means we get a very quick, very intensive reaction to odors." -- Steve Pearce, top British olfactionologist (smell scientist)


One of our Chemical Program Consultants was recently inspecting a large supermarket customer in Dallas, Texas. After completing his inspection of the Seafood Department, he asked the manager if there was a specific issue that he could assist with. "Actually, yes. You can help us with the smell."

The manager noticed our consultant's quizzical look -- the market was clean, and there were no noteworthy smells. "We got a bad review last week," the manager explained. "The customer complained about the smell from the Seafood Department. We have seen a significant drop in store revenues ever since."

After discussing their cleaning practices, our consultant identified the culprit: the drains. He introduced the customer to our Biozyme Grease Trap & Drain Treatment program, and the issue was resolved within a day of use.


A few years ago, researchers ran some smell-related tests with several groups of people. Groups were tested in rooms with citrus scents and in rooms without specific scents. The tests in the citrus-scented rooms showed the following:

- Faster reaction times to questions

- Greater likelihood to clean up crumbs from snacks and pick up trash around them

- Greater likelihood to plan on cleaning activities later in their day

Their conclusion? The test subjects unconsciously associated the citrus smell with cleanliness, inspiring both better performance and cleaner habits.

By using Biozyme to eliminate the grease trap and drain issues and cleaning with citrus-scented Score All-Purpose Degreaser, you can avoid the bad reviews that go with bad smells.

For more information, check out the Trap Tender program brochure below.


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