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Stewardship! It's what we value. Whether it be stewardship of relationships, natural resources, the environment, or finances, ProfitMax Chemical has positioned itself over the last decade as a stewardship leader.

Our company in all divisions takes great pride in bringing products to the marketplace that are innovative and environmentally sensitive, while still bringing additional profitability to customers' bottom line. Our belief is that you should not have to sacrifice functionality for sensitivity. The absolute, most important stewardship objective is in our relationship.

Meet the Team

Brian Bluhm

President and Founder

From his earliest memories, two key items form the core of Brian's business experience: Hard work and the search for opportunity. Growing up in rural Kansas, there was no shortage of hard work to be found. Driving tractors, bucking hay bales, mowing yards and helping with harvest were the standard regimen of his upbringing.

Adventures in entrepreneurship began early – mowing yards at 8, owning a fireworks stand with his brother at 13 and contracting for municipal water services in high school. Later employment in higher education proved frustrating to his entrepreneurial inclinations, leading him to exit the university environment and venture into business with his wife, Sherry.

Now with 20 years of business leadership experience under his belt, Brian leads with strong values of integrity, teamwork, excellence and sensitivity to the needs of the individual. He is passionate about entrepreneurism and opening doors for others to find opportunities of their own.

Tim Bluhm

Vice President of Sales and Service

A natural-born athlete and fierce competitor, Tim knows how to win. Both as an athlete and coach, his teams won championships at the high school and collegiate levels. Experience as a licensed professional counselor helped focus this competitive drive on the successful development of the individual. More than winning athletic championships, Tim loves seeing people win in life.

As the primary overseer of the sales organization, he provides steady encouragement and a listening ear to our Account Leaders as they battle in the trenches from day to day. Tim also works to drive excellence in the delivery of service to customers as he guides the activities of our Service Technician team.

Years of losing and winning have taught him that the best and longest-lasting victories come in the realm of relationship, making new connections and maintaining them over time through consistent, selfless service.

Caleb Kelso

Vice President of Operations

A passion for interactive systems led Caleb to pursue pre-medical studies in college. The need to pay for those studies led him into the financial services industry. As a licensed financial advisor for 14 years, Caleb helped clients construct plans to achieve their financial goals. In this, he discovered the importance of developing a clear vision and setting specific goals. Caleb works daily to craft the operational and strategic plans around the global vision of ProfitMax and its affiliates, pursuing greater efficiency and effectiveness in each division.

Kerri Bluhm

Quality Assurance Director

ProfitMax desires to offer its customers the highest-quality experience possible, to continually grow in excellence in each area of business. With a strong gift for organization and system design, Kerri daily monitors and refines our service delivery processes. Her extensive experience has touched both public and private sectors, building quality assurance processes. Kerri’s creativity and keen eye for detail led to opening a print brokering business in 2006, which she maintains to this day.

Seth Bluhm

Industrial Sales Director

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Joe Martin

Service Director

After 30 years of production management and five years of coordinating outreaches for a local charity, “Papa Joe” brought his experience in personnel management, purchasing and logistics to the ProfitMax Home Team. He now oversees our new customer installations and ongoing service activities across a six-state region in the southwestern United States. Part philosopher and part Kung Fu master, Joe guides both customers and service team members through the adventures in aeronautics, hydraulics and mechanical engineering that fill our day.

Interested in what we have to offer?

We would love the opportunity to help you advance your business whether it be through our sanitation program, with our agriculture solutions, or our equipment optimization solutions. We have experts in each of these categories that can customize a plan especially for you. Take advantage of our experience today so that you can focus on what really matters most to you!